You are never too small to engage in Strategic Planning!

As a consultant, I’ve had discussions with owners of many different types of businesses. I attentively listen as the owner talks about what their business does well. They will discuss at length what their current state looks like. I’ll then ask the question, “where do you think you’ll be in six, twelve, thirty-six months? Have you engaged in Strategic Planning?” That’s when their faces drop. Just a few seconds ago, they were able to discuss endlessly what their business does CURRENTLY, but when they think about the future, it’s instant paralysis.

Strategic Planning Importance

It is noteworthy that high performing businesses are high performing due to proactively planning. Business ownership is a chess match, not checkers. You always need to think several moves ahead, and if you’re not, the result is often check-mate. Strategic, proactive, innovative are frequent words used to describe businesses that we all see on a daily basis that do well. Think about companies like Amazon, Apple, etc. They aren’t thinking about today; these companies are trying to plan the next iPhone, or how they can improve their retail delivery model. Therefore, they are several steps ahead!

The same holds true for smaller businesses. Small business owners don’t have the unlimited resources that these large companies do, so their actions, or inactions, are magnified. You must think about, how are we going to do “x” 6/12/36 months from now? What are the up and coming trends we need to be ready for? These thoughts aren’t just limited to your product delivery. The same thoughts need to go into your marketing, your search engine optimization, Human Resources, IT infrastructure, and so on.

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