Another Crazy Day Ahead?

How many business owners feel like there are enough hours in a day to get everything accomplished?  I don’t have statistics on this, but I would venture a guess that the number is low.   Business Owners get pulled into EVERYTHING! A wise person once told me, if you’re doing everything, then nothing is getting done.   All too often you get into the office bright and early to tackle your day, only to have multiple grenades thrown in your direction.  How can you manage all of this and increase productivity?

What’s My Hour Worth?

Do you have an hourly billing rate, or do you depend on completing deliverables to get paid?   What is your hour worth and how much money in human capital gets wasted each day?  Think of your day as an eight-hour billable opportunity.  In a perfect world, you would bill or be productive for all of those eight hours, but we all know that NEVER happens.  So, of those eight hours, how much time do you waste fixing computer issues?  How many hours do you spend spinning your wheels thinking about digital marketing?  Should I blog?  What should I blog on?  How do I rank higher in Google? Should I have a short and long-term business strategy?  What’s my next strategic move?

Those distracting thoughts that are necessary evils for your business distract you to the point where you spend two to four hours a day just thinking about but never acting on or understanding what you need to do to move forward.  If you bill $300 an hour, you cost yourself $600-$1200 in potential revenue.  Even if you do this for one hour per day that’s $500 per week or $26,000 a year. YIKES!

Outsourcing to Increase Productivity

What if I told you that hiring an outside consultant to help manage some of the tasks mentioned above could help increase productivity and profitability?  Boost Business Solutions will take the time to understand your mission and vision and help create custom solutions to guide you successfully through boosting your business.  Contact us today at to discuss how we can help.